Appreciation Awards 2000

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

Holiday Greetings! It has been a pleasure to have become involved with Pyr rescue this past year. We admire and appreciate your efforts to rehome those in need. Please accept this monetary donation as a token of our support." Laurie and Kevin B.

Sarah B., monetary donation in memory of the Crowleys beloved Great Pyrenees, "Shadow."

Captain and Winnie (former Rescue Dogs), monetary donation to celebrate Halloween!

Pawprints of Richmond, IL, monetary donation from the Critter Benefit to support attending rescue organizations and area shelters.

Thanks to the following volunteers and Great Pyrenees dogs for representing RESCUE and the breed at the Critter Benefit: Dan/Sharon, Lou/Steffanie, Dean/Martha/Sarah, Chris/Wendy, Neil, Julie, and Cathy — and these pyr companions: Abby, Buddy, Gretta, Captain, Rupert, Holly, Cheyenne, Blitzen, Goose, and Jonah!

Tom/Jill L., Cathy M., and Dan/Sharon U. for their work in distributing a mass mailing to over 440 Vets in Northern Illinois.

Jane A., monetary donation in honor of their wonderful rescued Pyr, George!

Jennifer P. and Cynthia H., monetary donation, in honor of "the deeply spritual protector that was 'Titania,' whom we loved more than it is possible to say; who died of heart failure suddenly in her sleep while vacationing in Santa Fe."

Fox Lake Animal Hospital, for their kind words, caring hands, and patience in helping us treat each deserving animal. Fox Lake Animal Hospital, 161 South US Route 12, Fox Lake, IL 60020

Aragon Boarding Kennels for their never-ending support. Aragon Boarding Kennels, Barrington Hills, IL

Tom and Linda B., monetary donation in honor of their "terrific" rescue dog, Rugby.

Judy H., monetary donation in honor of her rescued white gentle giant, Busy.

Microsoft, Jason L., Midwest District, for a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office 2000 – Premium.

Dog Wash Express, monetary donation from the Rescue and Adoption Night Charity Raffle Event to benefit attending rescue organizations.

Petsmart Charities, where pets are family! Petsmart Charities donates bonus dollars to our organization for participating in Pet Adoptathons at local Luv-A-Pet Centers.

Dean and Martha G., monetary donation, in honor of the best-kept secret (Great Pyrenees canine companions) and their Pyr pack: former rescue dog Captain, former rescue dog Winnie, and Rupert.

Jean F., Scott & Michelle P., Laurie B., Dan & Sharon U., and Neil R. for their time and efforts in transporting Pyrs requiring RESCUE.

Dan, Sharon, "Buddy," Steve, "Molly," Dean, Martha, "Captain," "Rupert," Michele, Scott, and "G'Kar" for participating in the Petsmart Charities Adoptathon May 2000 event!

Thanks to the following volunteers and Great Pyrenees dogs for representing RESCUE and the breed at the St. Charles RiverFest: Sandy, Brittany, Megan, Dan, Sharon, Cathy, Stephanie, Lou, Julie, Jeanne, Casey, Kathleen, and David — and these white gentle giants: Kara, Holly, Gretta, Puppy Girl, and Tuffy (who is a giant wanna be!).

Thanks to all who have helped in their own special ways. We are forever grateful

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