Appreciation Awards 2001

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

Madelyn, donation of magnetic calendars for the 2002 year!

Lou, Steffanie, and their Pyr, "Gretta," donated a Petsmart Giftcard to help with supplies.

Shawn and Penny, monetary donation, in honor of their magnificent rescued Pyr, "Lance"!

Kevin/Laurie, monetary donation to help save more dogs!

Bruce and Lori, monetary donation, in honor of their new "Lola."

BIG thanks to Tony/Emmy, Cathy, Jane and Neil for volunteering for an afternoon out at Pet Supplies Plus in Mundelein. Our puppies and Evy enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped in for hugs and kisses!

A big round of paws for the following volunteers who participated in Pawprints Critter Benefit: Mary Ellen, Peggy, Darryl, Wendy/Chris, Alan/Cydney, Neil, David/Kathleen, and these doggies: Abby, Andy, Rugby, Rocky, Starsky & Hutch, Robin (Batman's sidekick), and Mickey (the baby Lab.)

Great Pyrenees Club of America for their assistance with an extraordinary rescue.

Thanks to Pawprints in Richmond, IL, for including us in Critter Benefit 2001.

Jo G. for making beautiful Great Pyrenees pillows for us to offer in our fund-raising efforts.

Thanks to Darryl for his generosity and the following folks for their pledge support of Darryl's participation in the Chicago Marathon: Michelle L., Duane L., Stephen/Janice L., and Laurie W.

Philip and Susan H., monetary donation and crates, in honor of their friend Sandra's three rescued Pyrs: Karra, Jaeger, and Tuffy T.C. (See Success Stories).

Christy and Gregg, monetary donation, to honor their two rescued white gentle giants: Glacier and Fluffy. (See Success Stories.)

Rich and Julie for transport and grooming assistance with Heidi, Riley and Hannah.

Tom and Linda, monetary donation, to assist in our helping additional families experience the joy of developing a life-long loving relationship with such a gentle creature.

Jane for creating pyrfect Greeting Cards for us to offer in our fund-raising efforts.

Wendy for making beautiful Great Pyrenees pillows for us to offer in our fund-raising efforts.

Jane for creating our Success Stories display boards for our Information Booth.

Woof!, woof!, and tail wags for these volunteers who participated in the Canines & Crafts Festival, Charlestowne Mall, St. Charles, IL: Pete/Aria - Gus, Dan/Linda - Molly, Tom/Linda - Rugby, Jane, John/Janice - Rocky, Mary Ellen - Abby C., and David/Kathleen - Abby A.

Tom and Linda for their donation of crates. for helping us find homes for our orphans.

Neil and Laurie/Kevin for their time, efforts, and MILES in transporting Pyrs requiring RESCUE.

A big round of "paws" for these volunteers who participated in the Petsmart Adoptathon 2001: Mary Ellen, Tony/Emmy, Chris/Wendy, Darryl, David/Kathleen, and their Pyrs, Abby C., Zeus, Jonah, Abby A. — and Josie, rescued Golden Retriever.

Dave and Fran for their monetary donation in memory of the previous pets they have loved.

Petsmart Charities, where pets are family! Petsmart Charities donates Petsmart Gift Cards to our organization for participating in Pet Adoptathons at local Luv-A-Pet Centers.

The Brown Family for their monetary donation to help support the breed they love!

Christine H. for her transportation assistance with Nick and Violet.

Aria and Pete for their donation of kibble.

A big 'strike' to the After Hours Bowling League, Algonquin, IL, for their monetary donation in support of our efforts.

Sybert Landscaping (Romeoville, IL) for providing ProPlan dog food discount coupons.

Mary Ellen C. for her monetary donation:
     "Thank you for the time and effort you put in to Great Pyrenees Rescue.
     I have enclosed a monetary donation in memory of Lily, my Kuvasz. Lily
     died a year ago this month (March 2001); if I had not known and loved her,
     I would not have come looking for Abby (a Pyr Rescue alumni)." Mary Ellen C.

Barb for preparing the "I Support Great Pyrenees Rescue" stickers.

We greatly appreciate Kelly's Stables' (Wadsworth, IL) generosity in donating their Raffle Grand Prize back to Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Congratulations to our Spring raffle prize winners: 1st Prize – Kelly's Stables, 2nd Prize - Jennifer K., 3rd Prize - Jim & Terese B.

An applause for these volunteers' time and efforts at the Chicagoland Pet Show (Arlington Racecourse): John/Janice, Tony/Emmy, Brenda, Chris/Wendy, Neil, Kevin/Laurie, Lou/Steffanie, Dan/Sharon, Mary Ellen and Dad Warren, Tom/Jill, Cathy, Sandy/Megan/Brittany, Barb, and David/Kathleen. Standing ovation for these giants too: Zeus, Magnum (2 days!), Red (2 days!), Jonah, Lexi (rescued Greyhound), Cheyenne, Blitzen, Abby A., Josie (rescued Golden), Abby C., Vienna (rescued Doberman), Anna, Kara and baby brother Tuffy!

Vincent C., monetary donation in memory of their beloved "Shadow" and breed of choice.

Jane A., designer of our new "RESCUE" logo.

Thanks to the following volunteers and Great Pyrenees dogs for representing RESCUE and the breed at the IKC Show (Chicago): Cathy, Steff/Lou, Laurie/Kevin, Chriss, Julie, Wendy/Chris, Jane, Neil, Jean, Kathleen/David, and the following white gentle giants: Holly, Gretta, Goose, Jonah, Lexi, Blitzen, Cheyenne, Sasha, and Lexi (the sweet Greyhound)!

We survived the Home Show (Arlington Int'l Racecourse), thanks to the following volunteers: Brenda, Chris/Wendy, David/Kathleen, Janice, Neil, and these white gentle giants: Magnum, Jonah, Cheyenne, and Blitzen.

Cathy for arranging the Jewel-Osco Shop and Share Days.

Green Foods for their donation of Barley Dog.

A world of thanks to Moongazer for their generous donation of raffle prizes.

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