Appreciation Awards 2002

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

A special thank you to ALL of the volunteers, individuals, families, and businesses that make generous donations to our RESCUE organization. We deeply appreciate each of these gifts as they help us in our efforts to find caring and loving homes for all of our rescue dogs.

Thanks to many who made monetary donations to Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago in memory of our friend Violet Jensen.

A million thanks to our friends at The Furry Bistro for holding The Furry Bistro's Second Annual Rescue and Shelter Fundraiser. All the proceeds from this benefit were distributed to participating rescue and shelter organizations.

Thanks to the following volunteers for participating in The Furry Bistro fundraiser event: Mary Ellen & Warren with Abby and A.J., Kim & Dave with Atticus and Taylor, Darryl with Ricky, Madelyn with Barron, Tony & Carol with Dylan, and David & Kathleen with Abby.

Dean and Martha, monetary donation, for the happiness our rescue dogs Captain and Winnie bring us each and every day.

Nathou the Pyr, monetary donation, to help out his Pyr brothers and Pyr sisters. (Thanks Carla!)

Thanks Tom, Jeanne and Sophie — Sophie’s unused crates will come in handy!

Dear K,
Thanks for everything you do to save as many four-legged love machines as you can. I know they appreciate it. My furballs think it’s great! This monetary donation is for supplies.
Love, A.N., Zack, Zoe, Molly, Tom, and Munchkin (meow!)

Thanks to our friend Bernie for the stickers she sent us — they’ll certainly be used in upcoming fund-raisers!

We appreciated Bite-Me Enterprises (Belvidere, IL) donation of a superb Great Pyrenees plaque for an upcoming raffle/auction!

Thanks to Morgan House Publishing for sending us a free preview book copy of Morgan The Dog: The Day The Magic Began.

A MILLION THANKS to the compassion and generosity of the following sponsors for their help with both AJ's surgery and journey to a pain-free life: Mary Ellen, Bernie, Donna, R.A. Russ, Lisa, Vicki & Patou, Tony & Carol, and John & Janice.

Thanks to the following supporters for their donation of items to raffle and or auction at the Regional Specialty (Chicago) to benefit Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago: The Leinneweber Family, Steph Isaacson, Joe Gentzel, and Andy Romain.

Thanks to Mary Ellen for hosting our 1st Annual RESCUE Reunion!

A BIG thank you to these folks for their help in transporting shelter dogs and completing home visits: Laurie/Kevin, Neil, and Bob.

Rich/Julie for their donation of items for the rescue reunion, and also assisting with transports and home visits.

Chriss for her assistance in completing home visits.

Sabrina for her time, talent, and efforts in photographing our reunion and preparing an album for all to enjoy for years to come.

Tony/Carol, monetary donation, in honor of "Dylan", the young Golden Retriever they adopted from Pyr Rescue.

Thanks to Gregg and friends for staffing the GPRGC information booth at Comiskey Park — Dog Day 2002!

Mary Ellis, The Lonesome Pet, for her donation of first-rate quality, heavy weight 100% cotton, Great Pyrenees t-shirts.

Thanks to Toni for her donation of postage stamps.

The DeCarlo family for their donation of Revolution (heartworm and flea prevention).

Marsha, donation of her Great Pyrenees artwork (i.e., four signed prints) for raffle/auction.

Sybert Landscaping, monetary donation, to help pay for veterinary expenses.

Dave and Kim, monetary donation, in honor of their rescued white gentle giant Atticus (formerly Starsky)!

A big round of PAWS and THANKS to the following volunteers for representing RESCUE at the Chicagoland Pet Show: Kevin/Laurie, Dan/Linda, Eleanore, Darryl/Geri, Pete/Aria, Barb, Darryl, Duane, Toni, Joni, Alan/Cydney, Shawn, Penny, Chris/Wendy, Sandy, Mary Ellen, Warren, Dee, Dave/Kim, Gregg/Christy, Cathy, and David/Kathleen — and these white gentle GIANTS: Hannah, Molly, Starsky, Shyla, Gus, Dot, Anna, Crystal, Rocky, Lance, Rugby, Kara, Abby, Zorro, Atticus, Fluffy, Glacier, Buffy, Winston (a rescued black Lab), and Barney (a rescued Lab/Shepherd mix).

Dick and Jill, monetary donation: "If we gave as much as Howard is worth to us, we'd be broke! He's a wonderful treasure, just thinking about him makes us smile. For the 75th time, at least — THANK YOU!"

Shawn, monetary donation: "I am grateful to have such a wonderful Pyr as Lance and I think he knows he is lucky too."

A big thank you to these volunteers who came out in the blizzard of (March) 2002 to participate in the Home Expo at Arlington Racecourse: Cydney/Alan, Janice, Lou/Steffanie, Darryl, Wendy, David/Kathleen, and the following "snow" dogs: Rocky, ZsaZsa, Gretta, Rugby, and Abby.

Nancy and Linda, Petsmart Giftcard: "Dear GPRGC: Many thanks for your efforts in placing our Howard in a great new home. It sounds like a wonderful situation for him and we are thrilled that he is doing well. We are truly grateful..."

Vicki, monetary donation, in loving memory of her beloved rescue dog Sophie.

Carson and Marilyn, monetary donation, all the way from Long Beach, CA, in honor of Gregg and Christy's rescue dogs, Glacier and Fluffy, and the late Thunder.

Mr./Mrs. Hansen, monetary donation, to help with our humane rescue efforts.

Omaha Vaccine Company, donation of items for raffle.

All Breed Rescue Alliance of South Central Indiana, donation of collars for white gentle giants.

Rodale Books, donation of items for raffle.

Thanks to the following volunteers and Great Pyrenees RESCUE Ambassadors for representing RESCUE and the breed at the IKC Show (Chicago): Kevin/Laurie, Chriss, Dick/Jill, Pete/Aria, Jane, Duane, Barb, Shawn, Dee, Gregg/Christy, Lou/Steffanie, Chris/Wendy, Dave/Kim, Neil, Bernie, Rich/Julie, David/Kathleen, and these RESCUE Ambassadors: Hannah, Masquer, Howard, Gus and Dot, Anna, Lance, Zorro, Glacier and Fluffy, Gretta, Rugby and the rescued Greyhound Lexi, Attacis, Cheyenne and Blitzen.

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