Appreciation Awards 2003

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

A special thank you to ALL of the volunteers, individuals, families, and businesses that make generous donations to our RESCUE organization. We deeply appreciate each of these gifts as they help us in our efforts to find caring and loving homes for all of our rescue dogs.

Thanks to Jan R. for her monetary donation in memory of "Cotton," a lovely Great Pyrenees she met at a local shelter.

"A monetary donation to help pay the expenses for the sweet dog we brought in on Saturday. Hopefully she is doing well. Thank you for taking her in." Gary and Nancy G.

"Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for "the gentle white giants." This donation is in the name of "Lola" — my 130 lb. "throw away" that was rescued from an abusive home in the suburbs 3 years ago and has brought incredible joy to my life." Patrick S.

A monetary donation from Kevin & Laurie B. in honor of their three giants: Hannah (Great Pyrenees), Mac (Bernese Mountain Dog), and Mona (Kuvasz).

A monetary donation from Darryl & Duane, who have provided foster care to numerous Chicago Great Pyrenees Rescue Dogs.

A monetary donation from Steve & Ginger in honor of their "Lucky," a Chicago Pyr Rescue alumni.

Mary Ellen, The Ragos, Jane, Dani, Gene/Donna, Heidi, Andy, Dianne, Shari, George/Bonnie, Fran, Linda, Kim, and Lora for the handmade doggie treasures they made for us to sell at a Craft Fair (for fund-raising purposes to benefit Great Pyrenees and Rottweiler rescue dogs.)

Thanks to Dave & Kim for donating a brand new Gorilla size crate!

A heartfelt thanks for the Grant approved to our organization from the D.A.S. Charitable Fund for the Preservation of Feline Animal Life.

Another generous monetary donation from Sybert Landscaping.

"The wonderful work you do is appreciated." Thanks Beverly!

Mary Ellen and Warren, monetary donation, in memory of their Dalmatian "Jake" and in honor of their newest family member "AJ" the Pyrenees!

Thanks to the "After Hours Bowling League" for their monetary donation to help Great Pyrenees rescue dogs.

Jessie & Chopper's Barkery & Boutique (Geneva, IL) for their donation of Gourmutt Canine Cookies to our Garage Sale!

"Thanks for all your work — hope this helps!" Tom and Linda, monetary donation.

Kim G. kindly made a monetary donation in Lisa's name.

Tony & Carol, monetary donation, to commemorate Dylan's 2nd year anniversary in their home!

Anonymous monetary donation submitted through West Employee Giving Campaign in St. Paul, MN.

A generous donation from The Illinois Wine and Spirits Charitable Foundation. (Thanks to Nancy B. for this introduction!)

….Reunion Particulars…..

A million THANKS to Mary Ellen for hosting (and coordinating) our 2nd Annual Rescue Reunion!

Thanks to the following friends who were unable to attend our 2nd Annual Reunion, but returned response forms with a monetary donation to help future rescue dogs: Tom/Linda, Pete/Aria, Kevin/Laurie, and Steven/Ginger.

Thanks to the many friends who donated items for the *infamous* Reunion Raffle and or Prize tables: Andy, Carol, Duffy/Janel, Mike/Nancy, Nikki, Sabrina, John/Janice, Rich/Julie, Barb, and Marcy.

Thanks to Donna and Randy for the donation of an EZ-UP Tent.

Thanks to these friends for their help with set-up, activities, and take-down: Mary Ellen, Carol, Cathy, Dave/Kim, Chris/Wendy, Judi, Heidi, Judy, Mike, Carolyn, Nikki, Chriss, Warren, and Marcy.

Thanks to Sabrina (and others) for capturing the day’s events on film!

Thanks to Nancy for the party favors (t-shirts) and key chains!

How about "Judge Mike?!” Thanks Mike!

Prior to dessert, Martin (an Episcopal Priest friend) blessed our animal friends and their caregivers! Thank you Martin!

Thanks to these spectacular Ambassadors and Volunteers for pitching-in to help their favorite breed at the following events:

Barktoberfest, Dane County Humane Society, Madison, WI (October 2003): Christine and Zorro for representing the breed and Chicago Pyr Rescue.

Lake County Home, Garden and Pet Show (August 2003): Mary Ellen and Warren w/Abby and AJ, Heidi w/Bella, Jeff w/Bum, Dave and Kim w/Atticus and Taylor, Tony and Carol w/Dylan, Bernie, Ray and Dianne w/Ava, Fran w/Luke, Al and children w/Clyde, Duff and Janel w/Mongo and Ivory, Shawn w/Lance, Randy and Donna w/Sam and Cindy.

Lake County Home Show (February 2003): Madelyn w/ Barron, Cathy, Tony & Carolyn w/ Dylan, Mary Ellen w/ AJ, Darlene, Judy w/ Rescue, Wendy w/ Rugby, Tom w/ Eiger, and The Furry Bistro.

International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show (February 2003): Neil, Martin & Carolyn w/ Winslow, Al & Stacey w/ Clyde, Gregg & Christy w/ Fluffy and Glacier, Pete and Aria w/ Gus and Dot, John & Janice w/ Indy, Chriss w/ Masquer, Dick & Jill w/ Howard, Randy & Donna w/ Sam, Lou & Steffanie w/ Gretta, Darryl, Duane, Mike & Nancy w/ SuzieQ, Nikki & Sabrina w/ Ben, Cydney w/ Rocky, and The Furry Bistro (Laurie & Darlene).

Spring Home & Outdoor Living Expo (February 2003): Cathy, Darryl, Donna w/ Sam, Pete & Aria w/ Gus and Dot, Wendy w/ Rugby, Mike & Nancy w/ SuzieQ.

Pet Show at Arlington Racecourse (March 2003): Kevin & Laurie w/ Hannah, Chuck & Diane w/ Cora, Martin & Carolyn w/ Sophie, John & Janice w/ Indy, Barb w/ Anna, Darryl, Duane, Alan & Cydney w/ Rocky, Sabrina & Nikki w/ Ben, Mike & Nancy w/ SuzieQ, Mary Ellen w/ Abby, Warren w/ AJ, Jean and Marian w/ Sasha, Al & Stacey w/ Clyde, Wendy w/ Rugby, Judi & Mandi w/ Sadie, Randy & Donna w/ Sam, Darryl & Geri w/ Shyla and Starsky, Toni & Joni w/ Crystal.

Tri-Shelter Pet Expo (May 2003), sponsored by DuPage County Animal Control: Carloyn & Martin with Winslow, Al & Stacey with Clyde, and Shawn with Lance.

Andrea V., monetary donation, for rescuing "Foxy" – the Belgian Malinois Pyr Rescue took in to foster care.

Thanks to Home Depot in Geneva, IL, and Bernie Devins, Store Manager, for their generous donation!

A generous monetary donation was made in memory of Minnie Meese, the wonderful Great Pyrenees of Julie and John — with love from Tammy, Sandy, Susie, Michael, Sandy, and Hollie.

We will miss our friends Harry and Violet Jensen. Thanks to many who made monetary donations to Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago in their memory.

Monetary donation from A.N. (California) in honor of our rescue efforts.

International Star Registry for their star donation to our organization.

Dick and Jill, monetary donation, in honor of their first year together with "Howard the Great" (Pyrenees).

Jewel-Osco: thanks to all our rescue friends for participating in the Shop & Share Days!

Jeff, monetary donation: "Bum is a real friend and companion. I am so pleased we ‘hooked up!’ I have enclosed a donation to help with your work.

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