Appreciation Awards 2004

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

A special thank you to ALL of the volunteers, individuals, families, and businesses that make generous donations to our RESCUE organization. We deeply appreciate each of these gifts as they help us in our efforts to find caring and loving homes for all of our rescue dogs.

Thanks to Jennifer D. for her monetary donation "to help these wonderful dogs."

Thanks to Dave & Kim M., monetary donation, in memory of Skyler - a great companion.

Thanks to Mike & Sue K. for their monetary donation to help Great Pyrenees rescue dogs.

Thanks to Gene B. for the beautiful items he hand-crafted and donated to our Garage Sale.

Thanks to Eric I., monetary donation, in memory of "Rocky" and "Damien."

A standing ovation for Laurie B. who volunteers to transport many, many dogs from shelters to rescue.

A Lemonade Stand staffed by the Rago children and friends donated $15.43 to Pyr Rescue.

Thanks to the following volunteers and Pyrenees Ambassadors for participating in the Critter Benefit at Pawprints of Richmond (Arlington Heights, IL): Stacey w/Clyde, Chuck w/Belle, and Carolyn w/Jack.

Thanks to Pawprints (Arlington Heights, IL) for their kind monetary donation.

Thanks to Darryl for his generous donation of four Cubs Tickets for us to raffle at our Reunion Event (June 2004).

Thank you Dana B. for your generous monetary donation.

Thanks to the following volunteers and Pyrenees Ambassadors for staffing our Info Booth at the Lake County Outdoor & Home Show: Mary Ellen & Warren (w/ Abby & AJ), Cathy (w/ Buffy), John & Torie (w/ Bosco), Darryl (w/ Stella), Heidi (w/ Bella), Darlene (w/ Magnum), Dave & Kim (w/ Atticus, Taylor and Bindu), Tony/Carol (w/ Dylan) and Kathleen (w/ Barney).

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