Appreciation Awards 2005

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

Many thanks to Howard’s family (Dick & Jill) for their generous donation to assist with our on-going rescue efforts.

A donation from Barbara R. in memory of "Ghost".

A donation from Terry F. in honor of the John Evans family who recently lost their beloved family member, "Bear Paws."

Aunt Doris for your donation to assist with our on-going rescue efforts.

Generous donation from Eunice and Mo to honor the memory of their beloved Lucy Shanin, who loved visiting the Colorado Rockies!

A thoughtful donation from Janice K. in memory of Eunice and Mo’s beloved Pyrenees, Lucy.

A kind donation from Steve, Ginger, and "Lucky" to help Pyrenees rescue dogs.

To Linda F. for her generous donation, and matching donation from her employer (Takeda), to honor all the fun her dogs Buddy and Scooby have at our Co-Founder's dog day care center. Buddy & Scooby attend Doggy Day Camp, Inc. three times a week, and have way too much fun while their Mom is working!

A thoughtful donation from Judy H. to assist with vet expenses.

A generous donation from John & Janice to support additional rescue doggies.

A kind donation from Tom & Jill to honor their beloved (and very spoiled rescue dog) Eiger!

Tom & Linda for your thoughtful donation to support our rescue efforts.

A world of thanks to Kevin & Laurie for BOTH their monetary support, as well as the miles upon miles covered to transport doggies from shelters to rescue/foster homes. The doggies will never forget your gentle hands, kind words, and yummy treats! You have made a difference in all their lives!

Jeff K. made a generous donation to support Chicago Pyr Rescue.

Thanks Steve & Ginger for your monetary support to assist more Pyr-pooches!

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