Appreciation Awards 2008

GPRGC accepts gifts in memory of the loss (or addition) of a family member, friend or pet. We also accept contributions to honor special occasions or milestone in someone’s life. These memorials are included on this page.

Thanks to the following for their generous donations:

  • In Honor of Donna Breckenridge's retirement ,donation from Jodi, Cody, and Lexie Ballman
  • Patrick Smith, for Lola
  • Kathy and David Hanson
  • Margit Wenger and John Nelson
  • E.P. Smith & Assocs. LTD for Lola
  • Caryn and Alan Kracower
  • Victoria Davis
  • Donna Sybert, in memory of Sugar and in living memory of Sam, Cindy and Emmi
  • Sandra Umek, in Molly's name
  • eff Keho, in Memory of Bum Tom
  • Linda Burgstone in Sam's (aka James) name
  • Randy and Donna Sybert
  • Fredrick Sugimoto
  • Margit Wenger
  • Shawn Miller in memory of Lance
  • Wayne Greenawalt

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