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In 1971, a group of Great Pyrenees Fanciers felt local interest and support of the breed warranted a local specialty club. Several meetings were held in late 1971, bringing together Pyr people from a 200 mile area. The interest and enthusiasm turned into hard work, and January 1972 saw the first "official" meeting of the Great pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago. The charter membership roll boasted 50 members.

The enhancement of the breed qualities, their preservation and advancement, are the foremost club goals. The club strives to encourage and foster among members recreational and social events for the furtherance of a mutual interest in Pyrenees and their training. Through its members the club seeks to encourage and offer to all interested a fuller understanding of the Great Pyrenees, their promotion, and care.

Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago meetings typically follow the "old business-new business" style, and last about one hour. Meetings are followed by interesting and informative programs. The programs are diverse: dynamics of grooming; show handling; prenatal care; whelping and postnatal birth care; puppy weaning; and a host of other topics. Films are occasionally shown. Great Pyrenees competition at major shows, stateside and foreign kennels, and other subjects offer members a chance to see Pyr people and places not otherwise available.

The membership roll of the Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago relfects the variety of Great pyrenees owners. Many members are owners of a Pyrenees for pet and pleasure only, and enjoy the company and programs available thruogh the club. A number of club members own one or two Pyrs that are in show competition, and engage in occasional breeding. Several members rank among the well-known breeders and exhibitors of Pyrenees in American competition. Members live in the Illinois and Indiana area, although membership is not limited to these states.

Two types of memberships are available in the Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago. A voting membership entitles that member to all rights and priviledges of the club. Application for a voting membership may be made after the prospective applicant has attended at least three club meetings in a 12 months period. Associate membership in the club does not carry voting privileges. Prior attendance at club meetings is not necessary for election to associate membership.

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