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Blake has been adopted. Success Story to follow shortly…


Matt has been adopted by Pyr Alum “Maggie”. Success Story to follow shortly…


Rocky II was rescued from a Chicagoland shelter... He is now home for good with John, Janice, and three more Pyrs!!!! Contrary to his surrender papers, Rocky II is a "very good boy," and fits nicely in to this pack of white gentle giants!

Bum & Gypsy

Bum won my heart when he walked into the adoption room, looked around, and came over and laid his head in my lap. He kept his name from the shelter, but he is always and in every way a gentleman! He loves his morning and evening walks — even when his back legs failed him due to a pinched disc in his lower back, he would drag himself to the door and look expectantly at me. Fortunately, Bum was able to avail himself of the Madison Veterinary Teaching Hospital and has made an incredible recovery. His back legs are weak and probalby will never be 100%, but he is once again on patrol in the neighborhood.

Gypsy came to us two years after Bum moved in, and she and he hit it off from the beginning. She is a bit older and more assertive. She, too, had some health issues when she first arrived, but they were resolved and she is a fully integrated member of this formerly all-male household. Bum and I simply follow her direction (most of the time). She is especially good in the kitchen, making sure I start dinner on time. Bum relies upon her diligence and shows up about time the food is ready. Both of them are good eaters, and we have to keep an eye on our weight. Gypsy accompanies us on our walks, but we're not certain that she goes because she likes the walks or because she isn't certain we males can be relied upon to do things properly.

Bum and Gypsy are great with other family dogs — my Mom's 14-year-old Sheltie rules them both, while my sister's two Portuguese Water Dogs wear them out in a matter of minutes (Bum plays dead when he has had enough!) I/we couldn't be happier together now that we are in Rockford with a fair-sized fenced yard and lots of neighborhood to patrol!


Launa has been ADOPTED! Success Story to follow soon!


Pretty Boy Floyd will never be lonely again. He has found love with a family that keeps him close 24/7. Floyd (now Zeus) has a busy business and social schedule and is enjoying every minute.


Our Major spent years in a puppy mill where he was neglected and ignored. A court case closed that mill and sent him to rescue. Despite his background he is friendly, playful, and willing to give people another chance. Major now has a loving family who will care for him forever.


Our sweet, playful girl Sarah went home with Pyr Rescue alum "Zorro" and the two have been playing ever since!


Big Boy Sherlock is enjopying long walks, patroling his yard, and watching over his kitty companions. Sherlock is so so happy with his forever family that he often shouts out the window, "This is my house, this is my family." To the uninformed this sounds like "woof woof," but we know it means he is happy.


Our "Pocket Pyr" Katie has journeyed from a puppy mill cage into the hearts of the Harding family. Peanut, their therapy dog, is helping her explore her new yard and home. In honor of her new beginning, Katie has changed her name to Daisy, and is blooming like the spring flowers.


Well, Louise has really taken to our big family! We decided to keep her name Louise, though Grace insists it is Marshmellow. After a few days of pacing, Louise realized we have a pretty cool group here. She loves all the attention from our 4 kids and all the neighborhood kids. Louise follows me around the house all day long, but has found some favorite spots to sleep in. At night she likes the landing of the stairs going up to the kids bedrooms or at the top of my bedroom stairs. A few times she has hopped up on my bed while I am brushing my teeth, and will bark for me to come see her. Very funny, Louise.

Louise is terrific with our 15-month-old son and my 18-month-old nephew, whom I babysit daily during the week. She will curl up next to the couch and watch them play in the playroom. Emma (7 years old), Olivia (6 years old) and Grace (3 years old) love to pet and comb her, which is helping me keep up with the shedding. The girls help get her food and water in the mornings. And Louise has found that sitting by the boys during meals will guarantee her a couple snacks. She hasn't taken food from anyone's hands; she waits for you put it on the floor.

She has been left alone a few times for 25 minutes while I drop and pick up kids from school, with no pillows being sacraficed! We are very proud of her. She waits for us looking out the front window, sitting on the couch though. For longer trips we do put her in the laundry room with a pillow and a treat. Maybe she can learn to do some wash while she waits for us to get home. We start obedience school at the end of the month, and are looking forward to learning new commands and brushing up on the ones she seems to recognize.

We just wanted to let you all know how much we love Louise, and how well she is doing in this busy and sometimes crazy household. She is a great dog, and we can't believe someone would not want her or mistreat her. She has filled a hole in our hearts after losing our beloved Rhuby, a 9-year-old boxer/mastiff mix. Louise had some big paws to fill, and I think she is fitting them nicely. We will be sure to send along updates as spring comes and we get to play outside more with the neighborhood kids and their dogs.

Thank you for finding us for Louise.

Julie, Brian, Emma, Olivia, Grace and Keaghan


Dear Bernie,

Maggie is doing great! Such a sweet, sweet dog. She bonded with Judy right much so that when I got home the first day she was very protective (in a good way) since she did not know me. All has been resolved but I shudder to think of what that dog has been through based on her responses to some things...although she will never have to worry about anything bad happening to her again. Thanks to you and your associates for all that your organization does with a special thanks to Duff and Janel (Maggie's foster parents)...such dedication in young people is refreshing.

Happy Holidays!!

Bob and Judy


Hi everyone! After waiting 318 days in RESCUE, the prefect family adopted me!!!! I get to give my family flock of five (in the picture) kisses, and kisses, and more kisses! I'm so excited to have a family to love and guard again!

XOXO, Stella


Lexi has been adopted. Success Story to follow soon..

Johnny Boy

Our dear Johnny Boy has been adopted and is getting spoiled in his new home! Success Story to come soon — check back with us often. Thanks, Vicki, for giving this boy a good home.


Barney has found his dream home! Success Story to come soon...

Patty Adair


This baby girl was left in the night deposit box of a shelter! Her *NEW* name is Patty Adair (aligned with St. Patrick's day...) And, she lives in Pyr haven with two other rescued Pyrs (Busy & Rescue) and several exotic birds along the Fox River! Patty is fearless!!!! Straight up and down the open staircase — no fear! She can fly, too — all the way from the couch to the chair, without touching the ground!!! Ray took some chicken out for dinner, and the little stinker sat-up begging! Priceless!!! Enjoy your new baby Judy!


Roz is a 2-year-old female who was a frequent visitor to a Chicago shelter. Roz's previous owner did not safely contain her within a securely fenced yard, and as we know, the world is a Pyr's to patrol! Roz came to Chicago Pyr Rescue and is undergoing heartworm treatment. In the meantime, Roz hit the jackpot because she is now recuperating with her forever family: Kevin and Laurie, as well as Mack (rescued Berner), Mona (Kuvasz), and Hannah (Pyr Rescue alum). Thanks, Kevin & Laurie, for giving this sweetheart a dynamite home.

6 Month Update

Hi Auntie Kathleen,

It was nice visiting with you the other day. You could see how well I fit into this crazy household. I just love my family, Hannah (Pyr) and I play with each other many times during the day and at night; we can see each other from our crates in the family room. I am so happy to guard the backyard with my older sister Mona (Kuvasz). She and I protect and defend our yard from all intruders. Whenever Mona barks, I come running to help her! I really want to play with my big brother Mack (Berner), but that guy just doesn't know how to play!

My favorite spot in the entire house is the sun room. I can see and hear everything going on in the backyard, but I have the comforts of the ceiling fan and the air conditioning blowing in from the house, not to mention the occasional naps on the furniture. I even love to sleep out there when it rains; its so peaceful!

As you know, I have graduated from obedience class. The teachers were so happy to have me there, as I knew how to behave like a regal lady and didn't make a fuss. This fall Mom and Dad plan to take me to the Fox Valley Therapy Dog Club where I can begin to learn more things. Right now I am just happy walking with Mom every morning, it hasn't been the easiest thing for me to walk on a leash — not after 3+ years of running free! Each walk I get better and better — and get praise and treats. This is the life! I love my family and they love me, what more could this Pyr ask for?



Slobber is a 3 year old male with a new name (Bindusar) and forever home! Bindusar's new family is "hooked" on Pyrs — they are the pround owners of three rescued Pyrenees: Bindusar, Taylor, and Atticus!

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