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Andy's obedience classes were very cool! He was the star, partially because he is older and calm. He "sat," "stay"ed, heeled, did about-turns and figure 8's, and so on like a PRO. As Bob explained, "down" wasn't his strong point — but he's great at the important commands like "come," "sit," and "heel." We enjoyed the other dogs in class too: 2 Bull Mastiffs, Rottweiler, Husky, and Staffordshire Terrier. Enclosed is the Training completion form GPRGC requires, as well as a copy of Andy's diploma! Andy is a great dog, and we love him tons!

Bob, Linda, and family

More pictures of Andy

Batman has a forever home and family to love him! Success Story to follow shortly...


Hi to everyone at RESCUE from your friend Rambler! I am living at my forever home with my Mom and our cat, Potter. Potter and I play all the time, and I let him share my food and water. All the neighbors think I am very nice and they pet me... I will be going to school soon, and Mom and I are practicing. Mom thinks I will pass, and she also thinks I will come when called — silly Mommy! I have been very, very good except a few times. I hate to go outdoors in the rain, and I thought it would be okay to use the bathroom in the house — it was not okay... I also chewed several things that were not mine, but Mom forgave me and said everyone makes mistakes. I keep all my toys, blankets, pillows, and snacks in the middle of the living room; everytime Mom puts them away, I put them right back. I help in the garden every day — I water all the bushes and fertilize the plants, and then Mom says, "Rambler you're a good boy," followed with hugs and kisses.

Bernie, Rambler and Potter!


Dear Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago,

Rocky has adjusted very well to his new home. For the first two weeks he followed us from room to room, he didn't bark, and he wanted to be petted constantly. Now that he has become comfortable, he still follows us from room to room, he INSISTS on being petted every minute, and he has begun crying and barking when we leave the house. He has also discovered the beds in the house, and doesn't understand that there is no room for him. Try moving him! It's hard to believe that he was an outside dog. Two weeks with us, and he's a spoiled Pyr.

We are attending obedience school. Alan was so proud because Rocky was placed in the advanced group. Rocky does really well in class, but his favorite part of the class is the break. If he had his way, we'd go straight to the car. He also loves to take long walks. He's caught on that is he goes to the door and whimpers, we'll take him out. Now that we are wise to his manipulative little tricks, Alan and I need to break him of his new habits. Needles to say, we give in before he does. It's hard to say no to this sweet boy that loves to cuddle and hits you with his paw when you don't pay attention. We feel really lucky to have Rocky in our family.

Cydney and Alan


ZsaZsa is doing well and has made herself right at home. (In fact, she has even selected one of the bedrooms as her own!) She and her brothers are all friends, and as much as Pyrs play, ZsaZsa and Rocky actually run around the yard for a few minutes. We have been very lucky — no arguments between any of the dogs. It's almost as though ZsaZsa has been here forever.

Fluffy's foster family decided they could not part with her...

An update from Fluffy:

While roaming the streets of Indiana, I was picked up by the friendly Animal Control Officers. They cared enough to contact the Pet Adoption League, who contacted the Great Pyrenees Rescue, who contacted Gregg and Christy for foster home assistance. I want to thank everyone who cared enough to help me find a new home.

At my new temporary home was another rescue Pyr named Glacier. We quickly became the best of friends, which led to this becoming my new permanent home. I was so happy to be fed regularly, I gained 25 lbs… Glacier and I have so much fun in our back yard. He is always chasing cars down the alley along the fence, so to slow him down I grab his tail with my mouth and plant my feet. Glacier may not like this, but Gregg and Chrissy sure laugh a lot while we play. I love to play with the soccer ball, but Gregg wants to play longer than I do… He doesn't need me anyway… He chases the ball if I don't. Since Glacier controls the bed, I spend my time on the couch. I really enjoy our trips to Lake Michigan, whether it's Grant Park (so many birds to chase) or the Indiana Dunes (I get to bring home so much sand). But, I won't go anywhere near the water. Both of us are in obedience training class right now… Gregg and Chrissy seem so amazed when we follow commands… I'm not sure why.

Hi gang! Rugby here (formerly known as Manny). Just thought I'd drop you folks a line to let you know how I'm doing.

I'm kinda diggin' the whole idea of being a family dog. I like to be right in the middle of things, but Mom and Dad keep telling me that 100 lbs. is just a little large for a lapdog. I mean, jeez, if that silly greyhound didn't take up the whole other end of the couch, I wouldn't have to climb up on top of Mom and Dad to get the attention I'm sure I deserve!! They usually let me lounge around like the King of the Hill for a few minutes before I decide to give them a break.

I'm also really into the idea of having regular meals. Marcy got me used to that idea when she was fostering me before Mom and Dad brought me home. All those regular meals are starting to take effect. Mom can't slide her fingers between my ribs anymore. She seems to think that's a good thing. I just know I like being full up!

I had to take a few tests recently, and I go to school all the time now to learn special skills for therapy work. I actually passed my CGC test and Therapy Dogs International test. Mom was really surprised. Shows what she knows!! Anyway, now I get to go visit a whole bunch of really special kids along with my greyhound, Lexi!! The kids sure are glad to see me. They tell me all the time how much they miss the other big guy, Jonah, who came to see them before me. He sounded like a pretty swell guy, so I have a lot of work to do filling his pawprints!! It's not such a tough gig, though. The kids give me hugs and treats for all kinds of things. We play lots of games and sometimes we even go on walks or just snuggle. You wouldn't believe all the fun we have with these kids!! I have soooo many new friends!

My other school is a little tougher. We have only been a few times so far, but I really like the lady teacher. Mom and Dad make me do lots of homework, but I don't really mind. I take all the attention I can get!! I catch on pretty quick (a lot quicker when there are treats around!) and I sure do like when they say "good boy". Even when I'm not quite sure what they want me to do, I run thru every trick I know 'til they smile and rub my ears!

All in all, I'd say life is looking pretty good these days. Mom and Dad spoil me and Lexi rotten, and I get to play with all those kids! Yep! Life is good.


Another loving family and another loving rescue dog - Max has a home of his own! Success Story to follow shortly...

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