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March 2002

Our 16 wk. vet visit was this morning, and Hannah weighed in at 32.2 lbs! That means she's doubled her weight since coming to us at the end of July. She is still a charming young lady. Over Labor Day weekend, we went to Wauwatosa, and Hannah met "Grandma" (Laurie's mom), and we spent the weekend. Grandma fell in love (so easy to do), and Hannah had fun exploring a new house and yard. She was perfectly behaved, and there were no messes in the new house!

Hannah LOVES to play with the big dogs — especially Mona, who seems to instinctively know how to tone down her pushing/shoving. Mona continues to teach Hannah the fine art of "border patrol" and barking at the noisy people outside the fence. Hannah remains the quiet one, letting the noises be made by her sister and brother, Mack. However, if Hannah's hungry and wants food, she lets the entire household — make that the neighborhood — know — what a bark she has!

Hannah likes to walk all over her big brother Mack and lick his face and ears. He in turn, likes to lick her tummy and butt, and Hannah really seems to enjoy it. (A little kinky if you ask me!) It's always amazing to see Mack's incredible patience and understanding when getting pawed and licked — he's a happy big brother!

Hannah will be starting school soon, and we'll keep you posted on her progress. In the meantime, we remain a very happy household!

Laurie, Kevin, Mona, Mack and Hannah

Hannah always brings a smile to our faces. She's just the sweetest little girl. We are so very happy she's a member of our family!


December 9, 2001

Dear Auntie Kathleen,

I've really been trying to get into the Spirit of Christmas, but Mom says I'm just getting into it. I've never seen so many boxes and things that Mom keeps pulling from the closed room. I managed to get inside when she wasn't looking! I just had to see what's going on! Lots of neat stuff to sniff, then I found the yarns. One skein smelled just like Mona, but it was in this nice neat little skein — not at all artistic, so I thought I'd be helpful and was fixing it when Mom caught me. She said some words I can't repeat! (bad mommie) It took her 3 hours to put my "tossed spaghetti" yarn into nice little balls. Mom did say I had good taste, as I chose the most expensive yarn — all Pyrs have excellent taste, don't you agree? I don't understand her complaint.

I know Mom is busy, and I really want to help her. She put up a Christmas tree on the new porch. It has lights, garland, and these red clusters called berries. There were a few spots that I didn't think looked just right, so I decided to help. I removed a cluster of red berries that I thought needed to be smaller. I didn't know the red dye would turn my paws pink. Really, I didn't! Mom wasn't happy with me, again, and the berries weren't put back on the tree, something about teeth marks... I think they added a note of Pyr elegance, but no one listens to me!

As for my brother and sister, they're no help. Mona laughs when I get into trouble, although Mom did say she tipped the big tree in the living room when she was a pup. Is that why we're not allowed in the living room? Mack just runs to Mom, sits looking up adoringly with his angelic good-boy look — what a big suck up. What's a Pyr pup to do?

Mom says I'd better be good or Santa will bring me a lump of coal. Hmmm, I wonder what that tastes like? If it's anything like the dirt and grass in the back yard, it'll be yummy! Oh, Oh, I hear Mom coming — I'd better go practice my down/stays. She doesn't like it when I pop back up, but hey, I don't want to miss anything!

Pyrfectly Pyr, Hannah

Shelby has a forever home of her own! From her family:

Neglected and left to wander when the roof of her kennel fell in, Shelby became the darling of the neighborhood, but was not clean, safe, or eating well. One of the members of the family where she was realized that was just not right and, thankfully, called Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Shelby's coat was in a horrendous state. After a small mountain of fur was combed out and she was washed and groomed, a gorgeous snowy princess appeared! She was significantly underweight, but just as charming and sweet as she could be. One of the best things that has happened in our lives in the last year was that we had contacted GPR to adopt just at the right time to get to meet our Shelby and bring her to her forever home.

She joined our other furry children: two rescued ex-racer Greyhounds, Classy and Colonel; rescued Persian, Squeak; Pixiebob, Koshka; and a rescued Siamese trio, Sasha, Misha, and Pywacket. A true, gentle soul, Shelby immediately blended in and accepted the cats as her flock. She assumes a dignified pose as her face and ears are washed by the cats and as they come cuddle up for a nap next to her.

Because her meals weren't always certain or wholesome before she joined the family, one of the most touching things she does is with treats. She always hesitates as if to say, "this is really for me??" Then she ever so softly takes the biscuit in her mouth and runs with obvious joy into her bedroom to savor every crumb. She does have a great fondness for "people" food, and isn't above an attempted nab off the counter or table — especially it it's fried chicken.

She has been a great comfort and partner for Classy, and us, when we unexpectedly lost Colonel in October to cancer. She and Classy are a wonderfully compatible pair and even walk on lead at the same pace.

Shelby is becoming more and more comfortable giving and, thank goodness, expecting affection. Always patient (except around the fried chicken) and deliberate, we delight in watching how beautiful she is as she runs and plays in her yard, and her tail looks like feather plumes. When she came she was shedding huge clumps of fur; enough that we started saving it to have spun for yarn. Her weight is normal and her coat is gorgeous, healthy and glows in the sun. Now, gladly, we don't know when we'll have enough fur to knit with. Her healthy coat is beautifully badgered.

She isn't sure yet whether she wants to lie on a dog bed or not, but experiments every now and again. She has taken her role as flock guardian since her first day in the family, always choosing a place to watch and protect.

We couldn't be more delighted or honored to be Shelby's guardians. What a joy! What a beautiful smile she has! We are so thankful to GPR and Kathleen for saving our gorgeous princess and giving us the opportunity to meet her.

Fran & Dave

Hi my name is Gus, formerly a rescue dog named Nick. I was at Chicago Rescue for a short time before Aria & Pete came to visit me. I hadn't had a bath in a very long time, and hadn't been brushed either, so I was dirty and full of fur. But I could see as soon as they saw me, they were taking me home. They came to take me home the following weekend, after I was bathed/groomed for 2½ hours, and completed my vet visit, which kind of scared me. When I got home, I couldn't stop looking out all of the windows in the house. I would go room to room just to look out the windows. I also found this couch in the computer room. I jumped up on it right away, and it's been mine ever since. When they are on the computer, I'm laying on my couch. I've been home for a month now, and it's really starting to feel like home. I haven't been crated for about a week now, boy is that nice! (I found out how comfy their bed is while they aren't home). I'm eating more & more. They mix a little yogurt or Mighty Dog in with my ProPlan. I haven't had food this good in so long! (I still need to gain about 20 pounds, though.) Aria sits with me while I eat — makes me feel better that she's there; nobody likes to eat alone, including me! Sammy, the cat, usually comes up and tries to lick off the Mighty Dog, sometimes I chase her away, but most of the time I ignore her. Aria works on brushing me every other day. She says she can't believe how much fur I shed and that if she keeps brushing, there won't be any Gus left. Pete still scares me a little. Actually, any male that comes over makes me a little nervous, but weíre working on it... Iím starting to accept treats from Peteís hand now that I realize he isnít anything like the previous jerk in my life. Pete tries so hard to make me feel comfortable around him, he gives me tons of treats, feeds me breakfast and dinner, and sits for a little while (but I won't eat 'til Aria gets home). I don't run away from Pete as much as I previously did. If Pete would try to take me outside, I would dash downstairs. And, as soon as Pete reached the back door to let me out, back upstairs I went. Pete didnít think this was so funny, yet Aria thought it was comical. Aria's parents came for a visit and brought their two Border Collies. Wow, it was so nice to have pack friends around again! I learned from Sedona to take the treats from the human hands... Sedona also showed me how to give slurps (wet kisses). That same day, I went for my first walk in the neighborhood. I walked right next to Aria all the way down the street without pulling on the lead one time. (This was the highlight of my new adventure with my new family!) Aria was thrilled, and we went back out later in the day with Pete. The neighbors saw me for the first time, they were clapping and said I was sooo handsome! I really think a friend to play with would be very nice. Aria & Pete say we will, but we should wait 'til I settle in and get comfortable. I'll update you in another month. Hopefully by then I'll be giving Pete slurps for all the treats he gives me. Maybe a car ride too.


Dot and Gus share the sofa

Mandy was adopted directly from Stray's Halfway House by Judy and "Busy," an alumni of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago. Mandy and Busy met, and within seconds they were soulmates! Busy is thrilled he has another white gentle giant to play with, and Mandy is grateful for the forever family she now has! Enjoy Pyr #4 Judy!

Glacier was adopted directly from a Chicagoland shelter by Gregg and Christy as a result of our referral. Unfortunately, this particular shelter had a recent outbreak of parvo during Glacier's stay which prevented us from taking him in to foster care... As destiny would have it, Gregg and Christy contacted Chicago Great Pyrenees Rescue about the same time, and the rest is history! Thanks Gregg, Christy, and kitties for giving another deserving Pyr a forever home! (Special thanks to the caring shelter workers who provided for Glacier when he suddenly became an orphan through no fault of his own.)


Tiny came to Pyr rescue a few months ago. He had been left in a garage/crate for quite a while because someone's fiancée didn't want a dog in her house (we thought it would have been time for a new fiancée, but go figure). Tiny was emaciated. He weighed in at 65 pounds. You could feel every rib and each vertebra. He was also on the weak side, without a lot of endurance.

First things first, we thought Tiny was too cliché of a name for a Pyr. He goes by the name Eiger now. After quite a while of nursing he now weighs in between 90 and 95 pounds. Our female Doberman adobt fell in love with him and keeps him very active. He also spends quite a bit of time in doggy day care, where his Mom, Jill, works. He watches over his "flock" and can run with the best of them now that he's got some weight on and has been working out.

The only negative we can think of is that sometimes Eiger is too clever for his own good. Without safety clips he can disassemble a crate in about ten seconds (it takes me a couple of minutes) and while some painters were at our house they told us about watching him let himself out the back door, walking to the gate in the yard and undoing the latch and heading off on his own. Luckily, they were nice painters and chased him down and brought him home. The gate now has triple latches and locks, and the back door stays locked. We don't leave the car keys laying around either, just in case... Pyrs just want to be gypsies.

As for personality, we can't think of a better guy. He's so gentle. (He's made a couple of trips to a VA nursing home where the guys just love him.) He tolerates virtually any other dog (which is very good since we're still fostering and pet-sitting frequently), and has even put up with a 6-week-old Malamute chewing on his tail. Almost everyone he sees is a new friend, and the tail starts wagging. He's not thrilled about obedience work, but he's coming along. It's hard to imagine someone wouldn't want this guy around. Weíll love him forever!

Tom, Jill, Eiger, and Doberman sister Vienna

Hi, it's Molly here just checking in to let you know how happy I am in my new home. My human parents, Linda and Dan, think I'm such a well-behaved lady, and they just love me. I've got a spunky playmate named Rikki, an 8-month-old Keeshond. We play outside in our fenced in yard and then take naps together when we're all tired out. My other buddy, Buppers, is a tiny Toy Poodle, so I'm really gentle with him. Oh, and did I forget to mention my two feline friends, Tom and Sammy? They still haven't figured out what I am — they just know I'm BIG! But we all get along very well.

I love taking walks around the block with Dan and Linda. I attract a lot of attention because I'm so beautiful. There are lots of squirrels to chase in our backyard, and even a couple of ducks that think that our swimming pool is their private pond. But I send them on their way every morning. I start my "Doggie Etiquette" class soon. Rikki has already been through it and says it's a breeze, so I'm sure to pass with flying colors. Well, that's all for now, but I'll keep in touch.




Angel is "smiling" now — she has a country house bed and breakfast to call her own with Carl, Barb, and Toby, nestled in the heart of Wisconsin Amish country. Those who have been following Angel's story know Angel has the precious Pyr talent of "smiling" (i.e., pulling her lips back in joy)! She certainly has a lot to smile about now too, as her extended family and list of friends grows all the time — we understand there are no "guests" at the (Country Victorian) Catholic Rectory built in 1898, only "friends." Congratulations to our Angel for landing her dream job, and thank you Carl and Barb for remembering the lovely breed you met Ages Past.

May 2001 Update: Congratulations! Angel and Carl had a great time completing Basic Obedience!

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