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Sarah was adopted by a couple from Salem, IN, directly from the Vincennes Pet Port Shelter in Vincennes, IN, as a result of our SHELTER postings. Special thanks to Jean, Sarah's foster Mom.

We're pleased to announce that our happy-go-lucky, silly, playful Abby, with a propeller-style tail, went to her forever home after a long 5-month wait in foster care! Abby adopted Mary Ellen, her Dad, Warren, and Jake (an 8 year old Dalmation!) Abby has two completely fenced acres to stomp in, for which we understand she is patrolling well - head high, tail up! This is this family's first Pyrenees, and all is in pyrfect order! Thanks, Mary Ellen and Warren, for giving this extroverted 5-year-old darling a second chance!

She did it! Congratulations to Mary Ellen and Abby — you survived Basic Obedience I, and have been promoted to Basic Obedience II.

May 2001 Update: She did it! Abby passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) exam! A standing ovation goes out to Abby and Mary Ellen!



Jonah, formerly Norton, has been adopted by Chris, Wendy, Lexi (a sweet rescued Greyhound), Shaz the kitty, and Puck the ferret. Jonah is this couple's first Pyr, and he is breaking them in pyrfectly... He's already taught the pack Pyrs don't come when called, and Pyrs are not an easy load to "get up" either, unless, of course, the Pyr so desires! And, Pyrs have the ability to snore really loud as in loud enough to make the hard wood floor vibrate. Some Pyrs are good conversationalists like Jonah too. Lexi is a registerd therapy dog, and the plan is for Norton to follow. Thanks, Chris and Wendy, for giving this good boy a great home enjoy your white gentle giant!

Latest news: Jonah passed his CGC and Therapy Dogs International tests... WAY TO GO JONAH, Wendy and Chris!


Look at Stevie's new family! (Grandma and Grandpa also came along for the 8-hour ride, but were too shy to get in the picture.) Lacie, the 2 year old rescued blind Lab, was at home anxiously waiting for her new canine companion to arrive. Although Lacie may be impaired, we understand she is sure to show Stevie everything naughty and nice...


Hi! I'm "Cota", formerly Buzz. I've been in my forever home for three weeks now and feel like top dog around here. Steve and Gail think I'm pretty special. They let me sleep on the bed when I want, except they feel that I hog the bed at night so I sleep next to the bed when they are sleeping! I especially enjoy watching TV in bed with them! My forever family is amazed at my different facial expressions.

I have four other furry family members. Lou, Muffet, Scruffy, and Stripe are MY cats. I'm starting to understand that they really don't want to play with me. Lou (the cat) will lay on the bed with me now. The other three cats will tolerate me in the same room, but they just don't appreciate my friendliness yet. Yesterday all of us (cats included) were out in the fenced yard together! Each day we become a closer family...

We also have three little grandsons that visit. I am fantastic with them! I'm very gentle and patient with them! (My new Mom and Dad are especially happy about that.)

I go to "GOOD BOY" school on Monday nights. Lots of people think I'm beautiful and ask what kind of dog I am. So far I'm doing marvelous in school. I think I'm the best student! Gail and Steve work with me on my leash skills daily.

I love being outside and playing in the backyard. I especially like playing with my tennis ball. I do a good job of patrolling the area. I prance around the yard with my head up high and my tail curled up when I check things out. It's my job to protect the place!

I'm sure glad Great Pyrenees Rescue found me on my last day at a rescue-friendly shelter. Great Pyrenees Rescue did a marvelous job in matching me with a loveable home - THANKS!

(As written by Cota himself.)

"GOOD BOY" school paid off - COTA passed his CGC test! Congratulations Cota, Gail and Steve!

Way to go Cheyenne! Within three short days of going to her forever home, Cheyenne won "the most ENERGETIC COME award" in her first ever obedience class! (Guess Cheyenne kind of likes the new man in her life...) Cheyenne found her life-long soulmate(s) in Neil and Blitzen (4-year-old Pyr). And Cheyenne also found herself in a big windy city, full of friends to meet on every corner! (So many people, so many things to sniff, so little time!) Cheyenne is Neil's second rescued Pyr keep up the great work, Neil!

Our Puppy Girl is now known as "Celeste," which translates to "heaven" in the French language. Yeah, and, our Puppy Girl probably thinks she is in heaven, too! Celeste is being loved by John, Jo, Johnna, and the rest of the tribe: Christian (11-year-old Newfoundland), Angelique (11-year-old Great Pyrenees), Justice (7-year-old rescued Doberman), and a palace full of kitties (3 over the age of 16, and 2 young rescues). Celeste isn't the only one who thinks they are in heaven; Justice is crazy about her! In fact, tough guy Justice allows Celeste to pull him around the palace Celeste has even turned up with Justice's (empty) collar a few times! (Look Mom, no Justice!) Celeste went from flea markets and rags (yes, Celeste was found tied under a trailer at a flea market) to riches! Anyone who knows this family, including the in-home vet, will tell you that when they die, they want to come back as one of this family's pets! Thanks J-tribe for considering a rescue your THIRD Pyr around enjoy your puppy girl, Celeste!

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