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Our Cowboy, now known as Nero, is proud to own Jennifer, Cynthia, Marcel (Maltese) and Gus (Chihuahua). Nero will be galloping to Santa Fe soon, as he has a unique home situation whereby he will reside between IL and NM! We recently received a greeting card from Nero which read, "Thanks for giving me a home to protect and soft cushions to lay upon. I am with a family that already loves me."

Testimony as provided by Nero's adopters:

"The process of adoption was well worth it for us. While it was certainly more involved than just going to a pet store and laying down the money, we were able through the application to prepare ourselves more thoroughly for the introduction of a new pet and were given a clear chance to express and examine our goals in choosing a Great Pyrenees. It was a simple enough application, but being proud like the Pyrenees, it was a bit more scrutiny than we bargained for. What would they think of our answers? Were they the right answers? I found the club more than willing to discuss our concerns and questions.

"The amount of work that the rescue club goes through to save these exceptional dogs from mistreatment and bad situations is truly inspirational. By the end of the adoption process, we felt privileged to be trusted with a dog that so many people had worked so hard to save.

"We were hoping to find a dog that would fit into our family and provide a more protective presence than the Chihuahua and Maltese we already owned. With Nero, we received that dog, plus we got some other special qualities we hadn't bargained for. He took to training exceptionally well, sometimes doing better than the trainer's own dog. He has made us proud on more than one occasion. We are grateful for the opportunity to receive such a good quality dog for such a small investment. If you are thinking about a Great Pyr, do it with this club. Having raised a Pyrenees both with and without the club, we strongly suggest that the club rescue dogs are the better way to go."

Tuffy as adopted by Jaeger and family (see Jaeger's Success Story below.) And, now, a word from Tuffy:

Hello Ms Kathleen,

It's Tuffy here — well actually it TUFFY TC (Tuffy Too Cute). Thank you for my new home — boy am I spoiled!!! Lotsa toys & lotsa friends. I went to my first class last night — everyone called me by my last name, Too Cute. I have already accomplished the sit thing. I am learning that potty goes outside — some accidents, but hey, I'm just a cute puppy boy.

I have a best friend, Blacki the cat, I really think he likes the spike, wet thing I do to his hair after we get done playing — He is always jumping over the gate and playing with me. I hit a growing spurt — when I stand up on the gate in the kitchen my paws, and head have passed the top. When I came to my new home my head barely touched the top!

I am let out constantly, actually every hour on the hour. At night the whole gang goes for a walk. I can almost make it ½ around the block before I get pooped out & get carried for 3 houses. Life is grand!! Life is good!! Thanks, Kathleen, for a happy puppyhood — I will always remember how you helped me in my new home & how you help my breed find happy homes! I know you knew that tall lady couldn't just foster this too cute puppy!! I will keep you posted on my growth, grades, new friends in class, accomplishments, and of course my cuteness in letters and pictures to follow.

T uffy TC

July 2000 Update:

Hello Ms Kathleen,

Tuffy here. It's gonna not be too long of a letter because my paws have grown soooo big that it is hard to hit those tiny keys with letters. I went to the vet ( I gave him kisses even though he gave me a shot), and I weighed in at 29½ lbs. I have to go once a month because I am growing so fast that they want to keep me with the right amount of heartworm pills. I was 16 lbs. when I came to my new house — now in one month I am 29½!! Mr. Vet said I will be well over 100 lbs. full grown. Tall Lady took me to a big, big house in Highland Park. (I think it was her boss — his family has been dying to see this too cute pup.) I want you to know I lived up to my name. They have two Samoeyans (spelling oops — cute but not too smart yet). I played and played with them, then I herded them into their home (crate) and they didn't want to come out again. I ran and ran around, got lots of pets, lots of hugs — and didn't even go potty in the house. I think Tall Lady was worried about the potty issue in that big, big house. I also got a shot at the vet that he said I would yelp because it was a big shot — but I showed them Tuffy don't yelp. I now have an identification number. Tall Lady will send you the number, along with my current shot. Time to go. I think Jaeger wants to play again. I am learning to smarf him full of salvia like he does me!! Boy oh boy am I learning things. Pictures to come soon.

T uffy TC


Lucky (formerly Rocky) went to Cherry Valley, IL with Ginger and Steve... “Lucky is a wonderful addition to our home - he's happy, playful, loving and very eager to please us. We have been working with the commands: come, sit, stay, down and off. Lucky responds well to come and sit, but quite often chooses to ignore the last three!!! We have called about the next obedience class. We can register him on May 23, and classes start May 30 for nine weeks. Lucky has learned that he can't move bushes and grapevines - it's better to go around them. He is still trying to catch birds and bunnies. We had to remove our ground bird feeders, as he decided he liked the taste of birdseed??? It has been a very good week - there have been NO accidents, and he is now able to sleep out of the crate. He has the run of the house. It's as if he had always been with us.” Ginger and Steve’s grandson had something to do with Lucky’s name. The grandchildren happened to be over at Grandma and Grandpa’s during spring break, when they came to meet LUCKY. On the way home, a discussion on names came up, and grandson said, “How about LUCKY?” Grandpa said, “Why LUCKY?” Grandson replies, “Because he is coming to live at YOUR place!” Thanks, Ginger and Steve, for considering a rescue your second Pyr around. Have fun!

Our orphan Annie, now “Winnie the Pyr,” has gone to live happily ever after with Captain (former rescue dog.) Winnie is painfully shy and has had some pretty traumatic experiences in her past life. Winnie’s new Mom and Dad, and Pyr house mates, Captain and Rupert, are sure to teach Winnie all about being an adored family member and silly playmate. Winnie has already taken a few extroverted “cues” from her Pyr pals. Time, patience, and love is what brought this adoption to fruition.

JayJay, now known as Hogan, adopted his new family, and they have not stopped since...! Bruce, Kathryn, Lindsay, Kendall, Marissa, and Rusty (9 year old Shepherd mix) were quickly reminded of the spirit and activity found in a 12 month old Pyr Puppy! JayJay has a relatively good sense of humor too — and we understand he uses it to his advantage whenever possible! JayJay loves water — he splashes in the commode, jumps in tub, and hits every available puddle. This family already knows, “A good groomer is worth every penny!” Having lived with a Great Pyrenees in the past, this family says they’ll always have one... (Thanks team – enjoy your puppy!)

Karra & Jaeger

Jaeger is slowly forgetting his ugly past, and learning to enjoy life in "Pyr style" with Sandy, Al, Megan, Brittany, Karra, and a small pack of kitties: Cujo, Clyde, Patches, and Blackie. This puppy just can't get enough of all the attention he is receiving from his new family and furry friends. Karra, the 8 year old resident Pyr, recently lost her senior Pyr Pal (14 years old), and is thrilled someone is back in her life to play and play! Naturally, Karra has moved up in the pack, and is establishing the house rules quite nicely with Jaeger. Jaeger does not care — he has tons of people to love now, and Karra can be the boss all she wants! Jaeger is this family's third RESCUED Pyr — thanks, gang, for giving Jaeger a loving home!

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