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Fancy hit the JACKPOT! As Fancy moved in, Fancy's new Mom Jill told her, "this is your LAST home!" Fancy's new parents, Tom and Jill, recently moved in to their home, and one walkabout with Fancy had them meeting the entire neighborhood! (Tom and Jill now understand - you can't go anywhere without someone asking about your white gentle giant!) We also learned the bed is getting a little overcrowded at Tom and Jill's too... Congratulations Tom, Jill and Fancy-pants!

A note from Cody's new owners:

Dear Great Pyrenees Rescue,

I wanted to update you on our wonderful dog. We feel Cody was heaven sent to our home. He has not had an adjustment period, as he acts as though he has always lived here. He has taken on his role of shepherd of our family, is kind, gentle, and loving with all us humans, and particularly sweet with the younger ones. He enjoys our daily walks around the block and intentionally ignores the complaints of other dogs. He does find great joy in squirrels, and we are working on sitting and watching them. He heels nicely when we walk, comes when called (usually), sits when asked, enjoys the cat, and of course delights in loving arms around his neck. He barks when someone is at the door, or when Mike comes home, but then would show anyone where all our treasures are. OK, I'm painting a picture of a pyrfect dog, and of course he isn't. He does take food off the table, or the stove (I've learned to crate him at mealtimes), and he does continue to occasionally use the house as his latrine. He also jumped our fence once and was in the neighbor’s yard. (We put up a trolley line and will be purchasing that privacy fence soon). These are annoying but workable problems. He has learned that my couch is just that — mine — and my bed... also mine. He sleeps on a blankie beside my bed. Thanks again for making Cody available to us. We love him very much. 

Joellyn, Mike, Jennifer, Gabrielle, Matthew, and Beverly.

Buddy, formerly Milo, is being spoiled by Danny, Sharon, DJ, Oreo (Border Collie mix), and an entire fleet of kitties: Sashi, Tuffy, Shadow, Hot Foot, and Daisy. Danny and Sharon had found a Great Pyrenees wandering in their neighborhood some 6 weeks earlier. After arduous work, the lost dog was reunited with his original family. However, by this time, Danny and Sharon were sold on Pyrs and had to have one; thus, Buddy. Buddy went from being a 'dumped' orphan at a shelter to a spoiled couch potato! Looks like the kitties have already taught Buddy the meaning of cat nap! Shhhhhhh.....

Noel, formerly Michelle, is being loved by Jim and Stephanie of St. Charles, Illinois. Stephanie says, "Noel just sings and dances — her personality won us over!" (We keep telling them most Pyrs don't sing and dance, let alone achieve comedian status. The vet even had to chuckle. You can't help but notice Noel's positive attitude about life.) Stephanie is a member of the Spinning Guild, thus Noel's fiber will be recycled in to other beautiful items. And Jim is known to be a photographer — keep checking here for Noel's portfolio... Thanks, Stephanie and Jim, for considering this "only" child and giving her a very happy home.

This first picture sort of says it all. Our Misty, now known as "Mindy," has packed her bags and moved South to share her endless love with Mary, Brett, and Rocky — the resident Siberian Husky. Do you suppose Mindy finds Brett pretty darn handsome? If you ask us, Mindy looks like she's whispering "sweet nothings" to Brett... Is this love, or what?! Thank you, Mary, for all the breed homework you did upfront, and for considering a rescued Great Pyrenees — enjoy! A special thanks goes to Tatiana of Animal Welfare League for making our meeting possible.

Rugby (formerly Chito) has been adopted by Tom and Linda of Naperville, IL. Upon adoption, Rugby went for the ride of his life — MOTORHOME! Yep, Tom and Linda are retired, and Rugby is taking in the scenery along the way. If you see a motorhome cruising down the highway with a large white gentle giant "pyring" out the window, please wave. Rugby is one happy camper! Thanks Tom and Linda for considering a RESCUE your second Pyr around.

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