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Another temporary care home turned adopter! It took G’Kar's temporary care Mom and Dad, Scott and Michelle, one day to decide they were his forever parents. (We sort of had a feeling that was going to happen. G’Kar enters Scott and Michelle’s home for the first time, makes a beeline for the sofa seat, curls up and nods off — all within the first five minutes.) It was love at first sight for Selma, the sweet 2 year old Golden who can’t take her eyes off of G’Kar. Selma’s observed something peculiar about her new brother: the big white gentle giant can’t swim like she can! In any event, sweet Selma doesn’t get frustrated when they’re at the dog park in the water; instead, she stays within 10 feet of “wading” G’Kar and drops the water Konkie under his nose so he can play too. Meanwhile, Leo, the fussy house kitty, thinks G’Kar makes a pretty good love seat. Scout, the dog across the street, is another fan — she frequently visits for doggie play, conversation (“woo-woos, wolf-wolfs") and walk-abouts. The little human friends (i.e., neighbor boy, niece, nephew) added their two cents too; “Please don’t get rid of G’Kar — we love giving him bear hugs!” G’Kar can’t help himself — he attracts attention wherever he goes, be it the elementary school, the dog park, the Vet’s office, an automobile cruise, or just plain walk-abouts in Wilmette, IL. (In case you can’t tell, G’Kar has too many fans to list!) A special dog for a special family!

Badger, now known as “Ms. Molly”, is dancing and prancing around her happy home with a wonderful view of Lake Michigan. Ms. Molly has a dream job — she toodles around visiting clients with her new Dad, Steve. Ms. Molly will also assist Steve in rehabilitating the many injured wildlife animals they find together (Dad has been rescuing wildlife for years…) Ms. Molly is very grateful to Pyrenees Rescue, because now after her brisk five mile walks with Dad, she enjoys the same full-course meal as Steve. Hmmm… we wonder if Ms. Molly’s meal is served on the fine china also?!

Captain is being adored by Dean, Martha, Sarah, Joanne, Billy, and the entire canine pack: Buffy, Guinness, and Rupert (the 4 month old Pyr puppy.) Captain has already established "flock guardian" status in his fenced-in yard; placing himself between the immediate neighborhood dogs and his canine flock. (The entire family has enjoyed observing this behavior, considering they are new Pyr lovers!) Unbeknownst to us, Captain knows a trick: he can lift both toilet seats and splash... Let's hope he can't open bathroom doors too! Thanks Dean and Martha for giving this special needs Pyr a loving home - enjoy!
Happy is extremely "happy" with Mildred. As some of you remember, Happy spent her earlier years tied to a tree and very lonely. She is now companion and "foot warmer" to Mildred — as Pyr life is intended to be!
Barry is enjoying life with Judy, and has a big, big, fenced in yard on an equestrian estate in Marengo, Illinois. Malice, the 4 year old male RESCUED Doberman, thinks his long lost friend has showed up - you ought to see these two play together in the big, big, fenced in yard. Toby, the 6 year old female RESCUED Doberman, is still the boss though — but Malice and Barry don't seem to mind Toby as long as they have each other. (This is Judy's third Pyrenees!)  Great Pyrenees Rescue would like to thank Judy for considering a RESCUE the third time around.
Samson was adoped by Lisa J. of Steger, IL, directly from the South Suburban Humane Society, Chicago Heights, IL, as a result of our Shelter postings. 

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