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Dolly has been adopted. Success Story coming soon!



Dear Kathleen,

Hi. My name is Inky. I was adopted back in January. My owners fell in love with my picture on the Internet and wanted me right away. I was a handful at first, but now I am really well-behaved. I like my new home. We play ball a lot and go for walks every day. My owners are nice — they're even trying to adopt a playmate for me now. I hope it works out. I'm happy and healthy, and I like my new home very much. Thanks to the shelter, you picked me a great family to live with. Ill try to get my owner to send you some pictures soon!!

Love, Inky


She walked through the door with her head low and tail wagging and that was it! We were in love. Penny is well-adjusted, but still not fond of stairs. We can persuade her to come up, but she'd rather not.

Penny is almost always the last one awake in the morning. She sleeps until 9 or 10 am most days. Frequently it is on her back, with legs in the air like a few other Pyrs we've heard about. She is not a big lover of food, but when she smells chocolate... watch out! (Yes, we know it is prohibited and dangerous.)

Wherever we go, she is admired and desired! (I think we've caused a few car near-accidents. She is not overly fond of traffic and is shy when confronted by a puppy or active dog. Our neighborhood and elementary school down the block all know her. The children say, "It's Pennnny!" when they see her coming.

Her fur has really come in since these pictures, and as soon as I can figure out how to load my new digital pictures, I will send them along. Thanks again to Duff and Nell for fostering our best friend and new family member. We only wish we had room for more!

Lydia, Jim, Alena and Jack


The sweet and gentle girl we named Jewel (now Dolly) adopted Patrick (pictured above with Dolly) and his family at first sight. The rest is history! Dolly feels pretty lucky to have found this family, as this is their third Pyrenees and she is able to accompany Patrick most places, including work.



Our sweet Sandy has been adopted by a Pyr Alumni Family, but not before making her debut at Sandburg Middle School in Elmhurst:


Dear Kathleen,

I guess her former owner wasn't aware of Sandy's talents, but now they are legendary here in Elmhurst! She is one talented pooch! She did two shows today as Annie's dog Sandy and she performed most admirably. (One more show to go — Saturday at 3:00 p.m.) Despite the distraction of a live audience, she came when called, and only slightly balked once at going where she was supposed to. (She totally showed up the other "Sandy" — who ran the opposite direction when being called! ) She didn't care for the whistling that people in the audience did during her curtain call and tried to make a run for it, but she certainly was a favorite. She did us proud as an ambassador for our breed! Plus, the director made a special announcement at each show about Great Pyrenees Rescue of Greater Chicago, directing people to the website! And boy, did she do lots of meeting and greeting after the show. Now, of course, she is one pooped-out Pyr!

Thanks for letting us show her off!

Love, Proud Foster Mom Stacey

Audition Update:

Regarding Sandy's audition for "Annie" — She was a trooper for the audition, going through the same scene (the one where Annie sings "Tomorrow") four times. She has to be off lead for the show, but the actors will hold her collar. Apparently, several of the auditioning dogs escaped temporarily from that situation anyway but, good ol' Sandy, she loved the attention and went along with everything. She also has to come when called, and she performed perfectly every time. It probably helps that her name is "Sandy," but my kids love to comment that she will come to anything, even "X," if she knows she will be petted!

There will actually be two dogs playing Sandy (the other is a golden retriever) — the director is concerned about one of the dogs getting performance anxiety and not doing well, so he wanted a possible back up. Barring that, Sandy will do two of the four shows, but we don't know which two yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know, and if I can, I'll send a picture of her rehearsing. The show is next weekend (11/20-22) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 p.m., and Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. It's being performed at Sandburg Middle School in Elmhurst, which is RIGHT off of 294 on St. Charles Road (the West exit off the highway, and it's on your right almost immediately). My daughter Kenna will be an orphan in the show.

It is just a middle school production, but again, it truly shows how wonderful our favorite breed is — and how rescue dogs are terrific friends to us all, even while still in foster care!

I'll get back to you soon!




Living conditions

Ingrown dewclaw


Napoleon has been adopted and is getting a taste of the good life! Success Story to follow soon — check back with us often.


Rob, René, and Robbie are having fun with this puppy Luke! Their resident Pyr, Lexi, especially enjoys having a canine buddy!


Our Smiley girl has something to grin about! She is being spoiled by Emil & Lorraine! (This is their fourth Pyr in the past 30 years.) Smiley reports that she has a busy social life between walkabouts and car rides!


Our sweet Tony, now known as Bosco, has a family to love him to pieces! Success Story coming soon!


Tina found a forever family to love, and they are spending a lot of time together getting to know each other! Thanks Jay and Sarah for bringing this girl happiness and a forever home! Success Story to follow shortly...


Pauly's foster family decided to adopt him, and he now resides with Ruby Ribs (aka "Fawn"), another Chicago Pyr Rescue alumnus. Pauly will never go hungry and/or lost again! Pauly was named after a special uncle, and will be loved forever! More info will be posted as Pauly settles in to his new palace. Thanks Gene and Donna for giving this special needs boy a chance!


"Little Harry Potter" underwent FHO surgery to repair his baby dislocated hip. The Vet believes Harry's hip was dislocated from some sort of blunt trauma... We'll never know what happened to baby Harry prior to coming to Chicago Pyr Rescue. Harry's foster home decided to adopt him! More on Harry as he recovers and becomes a biggee dog....


Jack has been ADOPTED by his foster family!


Life is finally sweet for Grizzly, who is probably the most spoiled pooch on earth. He loves to chase squirrels and birds (anything that moves) out of his yard. He still loves to go on car rides, which is probably his favorite thing to do (next to going on neighborhood walks). He also enjoys keeping tabs on his "sibling," my two-year-old son who calls him "Grizzy Bear." He's also a great guardian, but we most enjoy his playful outbursts that shows he's just a big lovable puppy.

Ruby Ribs

This beautiful red-head (Golden Retriever) we named Ruby Ribs was adopted by “Teak” (another rescued Golden Retriever) and, of course, a couple of humans named Gene and Donna who are loving her to pieces. Ruby Ribs has a new identity too, to go with her new beginning: “Fawn” -- because she is as fast and agile as a deer (and Teak loves chasing her!) Thanks Gene and Donna for giving this good girl a soft pillow to call her own once and for all! Enjoy your new darling!

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