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Honey Bear

Lost and out on her own in the middle of nowhere, with no place to go, for who knows how long… but now in a forever home! “Cindy” (short for Cinderella — formerly Honey Bear) has found her Prince: Sam (a Pyr Rescue alumnus)! Whatever Sam does, Cindy has to do — as in monkey see, monkey do! Updates soon!


“Hooch” (a Dogue de Bourdueax) picked our Zorro for a canine buddy, and the rest is history they say… The two fellas are enjoying the companionship, and Zorro is said to be quite the “gentleman.” Check back with us often for an update!

July 2003 Update:

Hi GPRGC! I hope that you are having a good summer. Zorro did very well in obedience class. The clicker seemed to work well for him. He seems to have what I am starting to think of as a mastiff trait of not liking to do more than four of anything in a row. This is a good way to keep me on my toes.

Here are two pictures from shortly after we brought Zorro home. He and Hooch get along so well. It is sometimes hard to remember that he is still new to us. Zorro has fitted in so well, and so quickly.

Chris Z.

Zorro and Hooch (Fall 2003)

Dogs in the park



Our dear, sweet Sophie was adopted by ZsaZsa (Pyr rescue alumni) and Indy (the 8-month-old Pyrenees “Indian!”) Sophie seems to be in PYRfect company, and is home for good! Janice transported Sophie from the shelter to RESCUE… Sophie rode with her head on Janice’s lap, then (thanking her the entire way) a connection transpired between the two… They were reunited at the Pet Show in Arlington, and the rest is history!

Bella (Heather)

You won’t believe the great family I landed… (Major flirting worked at the Pet Show in Arlington!) First, there is my best new buddy, “Brewster,” the resident 16-month-old German Shepherd. (We basically tucker each other out from playing!) Don’t tell him I said so, but Brewster is a well-adjusted know it all… they tell me that is what happens after you have been to the College of Obedience Training. (I overheard someone say that I was enrolled in the same collegiate program now too!) Then there is the queen, “Bear,” a 12-year-old Chow/Husky mix. Bear told me she was boss, and I told her I’d much rather be the subordinate… fewer headaches that way. Bear has taken an interest in playing, but Brewster and I are much too fast. Did I mention the humans yet? Mom, Heidi, and Dad Dave — they are the best! Mom works in a dog-friendly office; consequently, Brewster and I get to tag along every now and again. Dad is handy dandy and built a lovely secure fence for doggies to play in! But the #1 best thing about Mom & Dad: their bed is my bed! I love to snuggle! Josh and Melanie, who visit often, share their beds with me too! So many beds, so little time! I’ll write more later when I’m not so busy….


Cora has been adopted by her Foster Family! Chuck, Cora’s new Dad, tells us that “they could not have ordered a better girl IF there was a checklist of desired traits to select from! We can not think of parting with this superstar!”


Hummer has a new family and a new name, “Bear!” George & Jean tell us Bear is a “good boy” who is simply loveable and irresistible, (just like we said!) Bear and Ginger (the resident dog) have become quite fond of each other and where you find one, you find the other… Bear is terrific with the grandchildren too! “This is our first Pyrenees, and we are enjoying the breed — all 100+ pounds of it!”


Dear Aunt Kathleen,

This is my own true story. I was in a big dog pen in Iowa waiting for adoption but to my surprise no one was interested because I had no tail. I look very cute with no tail and also they can get in your way when you sit. So Pyr Rescue sent a bossy lady to get me. She chased me down, forced a big red collar over my head, dragged me to her car and made me ride in the back seat for seven hours. She said she would be my foster mom but if I really liked her wonderful, intelligent, super special rescue dog Rambler I could live with them forever. She took me home with her and Rambler came running wagging his tail and smiling in greeting I immediately offered to rip off his nose if he so much as sniffed me. Well it caused a big scene but Mom said I'd adjust. Now everything is perfect; I'm in charge and Rambler is such a marshmellow he lets me have his toys, food and water. I ripped the noses off of all his toys but he doesn't mind. We play all kinds of fun games in the yard, in the house and on the bed when Mom is trying to sleep. I'm going to school because Mom thinks I should sit, down and come when called. Rambler showed me how to do it all but I say one well trained dog is enough for anyone. Mom says I'll see you at a show after I get some manners.

Your friend Babe the Hungarian Pyr

Dear Aunt Kathleen,

I have completed four weeks of school and am the star of the class as I am the only one who has not peed or pooped on the floor. This class is so easy - first we heel, that when you walk next to Mom so close you keep steping on her feet and tripping her. That part ends when Mom yells "get off my feet." Then we sit - I just sit and never move Mom can walk around me, step over me, jump up and down, but I never move. When the trainers come & try to trick me into moving I just zone out and never move. Next we down - I got the best down in class, once I hit the floor gravity just holds me inplace and no matter what happens I do not move. Last I stand to be handled by all three trainers - no problem I just ignore them. I do not do any of this at home but in class I go with the flow.

Your friend, Babe the Zen Master

p. s. Mom yells alot - all kinds of rules like don't bark with food in your mouth or you will choke, don't run through the kitchen with snow on your feet or you will fall, don't eat food unless Mommy gives it to you or you will get a stomach ache - I used to think this was her way of annoying me but it turned out to be true. Rambler fell in the kitchen because he didn't wipe his feet and now his leg hurts and he can't play and I ate a bag of gold fish cracker sand have to go out every half hour. I'm considering taking her advice in the future. Please send get well wishes and gifts. Thanks


Baby Roxie is now known as “Sadie the pretty lady!”


We are in love. She is a doll. I called yesterday about puppy classes. She loves cheese and sticks, but you knew that. We are working on sit, down, here and walking in the yard on a leash. She is doing great. Knock on wood, she hasn't barked except when she wants to play with the other dogs. She is very happy, and so are we. We could not be any happier with her — she is wonderful. We are staying on a schedule. First thing outside, then breakfast, out again, playtime in the living room — she doesn't know it, but she will bring the ball back to me (a retriever in disguise) — brushing, out again and nap in her crate, and it starts all over again. What fun!!!!

Thanks again,



Joy’s new family reports: “She is a Daddy’s girl already...but we are all thoroughly enjoying Joy’s company - she's a wonderful addition to our family. Joy seems very content with us. Of course she really enjoys the attention and cuddling all of us give her too!” Check back with us for updated pictures and a success story. (A special thanks to the Great Pyrenees Club of America for their assistance with this atypical rescue.)



I’m pleased to include the obedience graduation evaluation showing that we earned 197 of 200 points — and first place! I was so proud of Pyr (aka Ricky), as he performed like a champ even though I’ve been inconsistent with practice sessions. Of course, he came to me already so well behaved, and we did incorporate a number of the obedience commands into our daily life. I have him sit while I prepare his meals, and to receive any treat. We’ve developed our own signals for “halt” (which on our walks really means “wait here at the curb until I say it’s okay to cross”), he’s very responsive to whichever direction I’m walking, and prefers to walk on my left with no prompting from me.

I made an adaptation to the obedience class protocol which I’ll share. As you know, the routine when “heeling” is to command “Halt,” and the dog is to stop and sit as one movement. Since sitting is more of a production for a Pyr than for the other breeds in class (especially on the slick gym floor we were on), I separate the “halt” command from “sit.” After he “halts,” I signal him to “sit” as a separate move. This has been much easier for Pyr to respond to. Our teacher recently lost her Doberman of 14 years, and has become interested in breed rescue after seeing what a wonderful dog Pyr is.

So, we’re having a wonderful time together. We walk at least 2-3 times a day. We live in a wonderful area for walking, with a variety of residential, campus, parks, and a small downtown. Pyr has gotten along well with all of the other dogs we’ve met, and is polite and calm when making new people friends. He enjoys going on errands with me, and was a wonderful traveler when we took my son back to New York to college in January. He lays near my husband or myself wherever we’re working in the house, and sleeps on a rug next to me at night.

I’m go grateful to Pyr Rescue for bringing us together. It means to much to me to have his companionship. My youngest son left home in January, and now I tell my “empty nest” friends that a rescue dog is the best medicine for those “empty nest” blues. Pyr gets me out of the house every day, and walking regularly. I’ve been pleased that even with the bitter cold we’ve had (and I’m no longer a winter person), I’ve been glad to walk him regularly — though some walks are not as long as others!.


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