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It was love at first sight! Angel has been adopted!


Angel has done a great job adapting to our family. The sadness that was in her eyes when she arrived has slowly left. She is really smart. Every morning her big snout looks in my eyes, tail wagging — it is a great way to wake up. She also loves to ride in the car and is always up for the ride to school. She enjoys her walks and loves to play. She has made all of us so happy. Thank you for the best Christmas present we could have ever received!

Merry Christmas! Philip, Jennifer, JT, and Isabelle


Barron (aka Hobbs) was adopted by his foster family, and is either lounging on the couch or savoring some home cooked meal right this very minute! Success Story to be posted soon!


UPDATE: 8/22/02 - AJ went to the vet for a follow-up visit today! All nineteen (19) of his stitches were removed. The vet thinks he is doing terrific in spite of the fact that once the vet began the surgical procedure and was able to look at the patella first-hand, the area was much worse than anticipated, requiring a more complicated procedure. Nevertheless, AJ is expected to gain full use and flexibility of his leg for the first time ever. Another four weeks of bed rest is required, which is going to be a challenge because AJ reports: "So many people to see, so many places to go, and so little time!"

UPDATE: 9/20/02 Here's the latest on AJ. We visited "Dr. Bo" today. AJ's leg is doing well (he has permission to play outside now!), but there is some looseness in the joint. We will bring him back next Wednesday for one more surgical procedure to tighten a ligament. The vet assured us this is minor surgery AJ can go home with us Wednesday night, and the recovery time will be "a lot shorter" than after the first operation.

UPDATE: 10/5/02 AJ is doing remarkably well. He had the surgery last Wednesday, and we brought him home late that afternoon. Before bedtime, he had the bandage off. There are only 17 stitches this time, instead of 19, but the incision looks about the same. However, it is not nearly as swollen this time around, and it certainly doesn't seem to be bothering him much. Dr. "Bo" suggested we should still limit him to walks on leash for a week or two. We are doing our best, but AJ is obviously bored, and when morning comes he is raring to go. I hope being a Pyr ambassador on Saturday will wear him out, and we will all sleep better that night. After the fifth week, I returned to my own bedroom, so AJ and Abby have been sleeping downstairs by themselves. Even though AJ has no problem going up the stairs, he doesn't do it at night, so my dad and I are greeted by two smiling faces and wagging tails when we come down in the morning.

ADOPTED: 10/10/02 - It's official: my dad and I have definitely decided we want to adopt AJ. He has become a part of the family during his recovery time with us, and we can no longer imagine letting him go live with someone else.


July 2003 Update


This is just a note to let you know that it has been almost a year since we adopted Sam. He has been a great addition to our family. We have been through at lot since we adopted him.

He came to us at a sad time; we had lost our first Pyr in July 2002 when she was only 2 years old. I saw Sam and knew that he was the dog for us, and he has not let us down. We went through obedience training, and he passed with flying colors. He is the best protector there is. He loves to ride in the cars. We just came back from New York last weekend. We left on Friday morning, and we were back by Sunday afternoon. Sam and Cindy (the other Pyr we just adopted about two months ago) went with us. They were the hit at the hotel we stayed in. Everyone loved them, and they were amazed at how well behaved and gentle they were. They ride very well, and enjoyed all the new people we met. They were a magnet for the kids. It was great!!!

Cindy is still shy, but she is coming along. She will be starting obedience training in a few weeks. She loves to ride, too. She has had two baths at Petsmart. The girls there just love her and Sam. They sit very proudly and enjoy getting their nails done. They are a hoot.

Thank you for your help with Sam and Cindy. Cindy weighs 60 lbs., and Sam is 100lbs. They keep each other busy, and Sheba (our German Shepherd / Husky) active, too. I am just amazed at these dogs. Why would anyone dump or abuse these beautiful and loving dogs?

I lost my father a couple of months ago, and the dogs were more comfort than some people. We are very lucky and grateful to have a great breed.

Thank you,

The Sybert Family


Thank you for helping us to adopt Bandit (formerly Tommy). We LOVE him!

Emil and Lorraine



Have I told you recently how grateful I am for Halas (aka Bonnie)?!? You rescued — and gave me — the world's best dog!



Clyde & company
in the minivan

Clyde with
Kenna & Madeline

Clyde cruisin'
with a cold one

Clyde with Nathan & Kenna on the boat

Clyde meets the lake


I just wanted to write you a note and thank you pairing us up with Clyde. He is SO FABULOUS! Our lives are totally enriched by his presence. My girls (10 and 6) love laying on the floor to cuddle with him, and he seems to enjoy it too. And me — I am pretty sure he is in love with me, and the feeling is absolutely mutual! At obedience class, "come" and "heel" aren't a problem, mostly because I can barely get him to leave my side. He follows me everywhere, and when I leave the house without him, my husband or babysitter has to coax him away from the door with a treat and then pet him until I leave his view. (He watches me all the way to the garage with a forlorn look!) I've never felt so loved! He is doing very well in obedience class — he is well behaved and pays attention, and only occasionally gets stubborn about obeying a command. And he is also very patient about my overzealous 3-year-old constantly wanting to touch him, hold him, pet him, lay on him, etc... What a wonderful dog! Even our other dog (Max) and he are making friends and starting to play together. I can't imagine why anyone would want to give him up, let alone drop him at the side of the road. He's an amazing friend to us, and we already can't imagine life without him. THANK YOU!!!!!!



Peanut has been adopted by Sydney, President of the Doggie Make a Wish Foundation as in, I wish that juicy steak would fall from the counter and land right here in my dog bowl! And, we understand Peanut has been assigned Chief Inspector of the D.S.S. (i.e., Doggie Sniffing Services!) told by Dawn and Marcello, the founders of the Doggie Make a Wish Foundation and the DSS!


My name is Daisy. I wanted to tell you about myself. These humans called the Joneses recently have adopted me. I have 3 children in my family and 2 adults.

Let me tell you my life. I live in this house with all this entertainment going on — the only time that I get for down time is when it turns dark out or when the kids have been bad and sent upstairs. The youngest girl is called Nia, and she's my favorite. She is the person to depend on when you want to taste dinner. She always has food in her hands and loves to share. (Until mom finds out, and then she gets in trouble.) Nia doesn't know how to give hugs to me so she just lays on me, which is fine with me. Then there is Serene. She thinks I'm her Barbie doll or something. As soon as she gets the chance, I'm wearing hair clips and bows. I didn't know that pink fit so well on me. Then my boy Gavin — oh is he a boy! He loves to throw the ball at me, and sometimes if I'm in a good mood, I'll get it for him. He loves to run and play with me. Then there is this mom — she know just where to scratch behind my ear. She does more of the combing of my hair, brushing my teeth taking me for walks. I just love her. Then last but not least there is dad. What can I say about him? He tells me I'm not a good watchdog and that I'm not supposed to play with strangers. He takes me on these mile runs that I can barely keep up. He gives me attention when no one is around. He tells mom that is your dog. Nevertheless, I know he loves me dearly. He keeps his pockets full of dog treats just for me. All I need to do is sit down and wag my tail and I have him whipped.

I just love my family and they love me. Oh yeah, I have 2 bird friends that like to pick at my nose. I guess they don't like to be sniffed. This is my new life, and I think I'm going to hang out with the Joneses for the rest of my life. Thank you Great Pyrenees Rescue for making me a part of their lives!

Daisy Jones

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