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Howard has a forever family, and leads a pretty hectic life now days... He goes to the office by day, is a couch potato by evening, and BED HOG by late night! (Howard's family has the luxury of working in a pet-friendly building.) Thank you for considering a rescued gentle giant, Dick and Jill — enjoy!

Howard after a busy day of greeting friends at the 2002 IKC Show

From Howard's new family:

I know I've said this before, but I can't believe how perfect he is! I feel like a first-time mother. He's bonding very strongly with me, and trying to figure out who is higher in the pack -- Howard or Dick. Dick was gone from Friday through Monday and Howard became very accustomed to being my #1 priority. Now he's a little bit jealous of Dick, but he's also remembering that he has 2 people to adore him instead of one.

On Sunday we met another rescue Pyr, Goose, and his mom. (We didn't get his mom's name!) They live about half a mile from us and go to the same park on the weekends. This park (1 block from our house) is rumored to be adding an enclosed dog park. It's been the talk of the puppy-parents in the 'hood. Goose's mom suggested a doggie day care and boarding facility which she uses that is a block from our house. We have a tour scheduled there tonight. It's sort of like a yuppie pre-school, they have to interview and accept your dog. The boarding facility is completely open, with all of the dogs sleeping in one big room along with the person on duty.

Inside, Howard is as calm and quiet as a rug. Outside, he has lots and lots of energy. Initially, he would get excited every time he saw/heard one of us pick up his leash. Then, he learned that a coat was the first clue. Now, he's moved a step further to when I put on my boots. He's so excited over the prospect of a walk (even though he has 4-5 a day) that I can barely get my boots tied. He wants to meet every dog that he sees and wants every person to admire him.

On Saturday we went walking in Lincoln Park with 2 friends and their Great Dane and Bull Terrier. The GD is white with some black on her head, and the BT is all white and over 100 lbs. They made quite a trio -- 3 100+ lb white dogs, each one shaped entirely differently from the rest.

Sunday we had a big romp on the beach on the 20-ft. lead. Howard ran through the waves with the water up to his chest. He was absolutely filthy, but happy as can be. After the beach romp we met someone who said, "What a pretty dog!" I said, "Pretty dirty, but he's happy."

Sunday night while most of America was watching the Super Bowl, Howard and I watched a Fred Astaire movie and he got groomed throughout most of the film. He absolutely loves to be groomed. His coat is starting to grow out and it's becoming much softer from all of the grooming.

I think he's getting used to Dick again. About 3 paragraphs ago he left my side and went to lay beside "Daddy".

Thank you for all of your help. Howard has brought such joy into our lives, we're really lucky to have him in our pack.

Best, Jill

Max's foster home decided to keep him home!

More pictures of Starsky and Shyla

Starsky received a special gift for Christmas — a forever family to love and a Pyr sister! Starsky was adopted by Geri, Darryl, and "Shyla" (another 7-month-old Pyr puppy).


Thank you again for the "gift" of Starsky. He is doing great! Always putting smiles on our faces. Enclosed are just a "few" pictures of Starsky & Shyla. They both are even larger now than in the pictures. It's hard to tell them apart sometimes! I have to do double takes! Starsky is doing great in school. He is still in "Level A." Starsky & Shyla are the perfect match! They get along great and are best puppy pals! Again, we thank you!

Geri, Darryl and critters

P.S. We'll be sending MORE pictures.


I've finally found some free time to update all of my friends at Great Pyrenees Rescue about my new life. I was adopted by 2 new parents, Ryan and Mike. We live in a house right by the lake, a few miles north of downtown Chicago. We have a nice yard but are also 2 blocks from lots of great parks along the lake. Mike's a grad student at Northwestern and Ryan works from home, so I get to spend lots of time with my people. We go on walks every day — I especially like playing in the snow fields by the lake. We're often joined by my friends, Luna, a black female rescued Lab who's my age, and Scout, a 4-year-old mix. We even went swimming together once back in early November when it was still warm!

I've adjusted very well to my new home. I'm completely housebroken and haven't chewed too many things that aren't mine. I have lots of energy, and my people make sure that I have lots of exercise. I sleep at night on the big bed upstairs, but still stay in my crate when no one's home. I love all the toys I have, especially the squeaky ones, though I'm very skilled at removing the squeakers! One of my favorite things to do is to take a running leap onto the laps of people when they're on the sofa. I also like to sneak Kleenexes from trash cans and pull toilet paper off the rolls, though I know I'm not supposed to... I still love to cuddle and be held.

I'm so proud of graduating with honors from obedience school at the Anti-Cruely Society. My team won the relay race, and I won the prize for best tricks (high five, roll over, and catch). Mike and Ryan are continuing to work with me — I may even take the advanced class! They also have doggie happy hours that I can now attend, since I graduated. I've also developed my innate Lab skill at playing ball, which I do all of the time.

I'm very excited about the news that I'll be getting a new sister. We're adopting an 8-week-old black female lab in about a month. I can't wait to have a full-time playmate and dog friend. I'll also have to show her the ropes and help her become as well-trained as me.

That's about it for now. Thank you everyone at Great Pyrenees Rescue for helping me!

Tucker (formerly known as Mickey)

More pictures of Tucker

Evy, now called Samantha, went home with Louise, Rory, Rugan (5 year old neutered Rott) and 3 kitties.

From Samantha's new family:

Well I adopted Samantha (Evy) at the beginning of November 2001. The drive home was long but worth it — she did really well. Rugen just fell in love with her, as he finally had someone else to play and bug. I have never had a problem getting Samantha to eat. I started her off with warm chicken broth on her food and graduated to warm water. Now we are down to just dry most of the time. She has adjusted well to our house. All the cats have realized that she is a friend and not someone else to chase them. Her personality is just wonderful — she walks so gently enough that my son can take the leash, and I just hold onto the other end, just in case. Yes she's a big dog, and I've even taken her to work one day to let the kids see her, and she was great. (I work in a daycare setting.) She has gained weight and has filled out nicely. She has done absolutely great with obedience training — someone, somewhere spent time with her, or she's really smart (both, I think), and passed with flying colors. I sometimes wonder why she was ever given up, as I can't think of any reason why someone would. She is a very welcome addition to my house, and I love her dearly. Her personality is very much like my last dog (Rottie) — just perfect. If I had more room, yes I would take another one. As for the shedding, well everyone does it — its just more noticable because its white. The only thing I have a problem with is trying to cut her nails — she runs a mile, but we are working on that. Well thats all for now. She is a wonderful dog, and thanks for finding her for me.


Hutch is part of a new pack, and has a new name, "Atakis!" Atakis went home with Dave and Kim, and their 12-year-old German Shepherd, 11½-year-old Lab/Eski mix, and one kitty. Check back with us for Atakis' Success Story.

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